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Sauber Janitorial Services sells direct or brokered maintenance services covering a range of  supportive labors to help liberate your time so you may concentrate on the more valuable aspects of your life.
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Sauber also works in coordination with other divisions of DSBE on some projects -- particularly Legal Services (LE) and Market Intelligence (MI.) -- because of why the company was created and what it has been most successful at to date.  Its mid-range plans include working in coordination with the Security Services (SE) division if its clients require covert guards and to share human resources.  Its long-range plans include international expansion alongside DSBE's overall plans for Namibia, Norway, and Viet Nam to reach the sub-Saharan Africa, Greater European, and East Asian markets, respectively.

Sauber Janitorial Services was established in 2009 in the City and County of Santa Clara as an individual proprietorship and dba of its parent company's founder.  It became a division of David Shaw Bass Enterprises when it was incorporated on September 3, 2010 and will be transferred over to its successor corporation DSBE, which was incorporated on June 4, 2014.  Sauber is currently a dba of D.S.B.E. in San Mateo County and still listed as an individual one in Santa Clara County.  These will be replaced by its registration as a dba of DSBE in both counties after it and its property have been signed over to DSBE.

Since its inception, Sauber has primarily been involved with Legal Services and Market Intelligence projects rather than functioning as DSBE does not as yet have sufficient cash reserves to launch the division as a services sales organization as planned.  That is estimated to be about US$ 100,000.00 distant and is a lower goal than launching several other divisions of DSBE, including its Legal Services and Training Services divisions.  Sauber is not anticipated to be launched before 2018.
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We offer competitive rates for many types of cleaning and maintenance services, including:
  • Vehicle removal;
  • Welding;
  • Roof work;
  • Residential move-out/move-ins;
  • Painting;
  • Metal repair;
  • Materials recycling;
  • Landscaping services;
  • Janitorial maintenance;
  • Hazardous waste disposal;
  • Handyman repair services;
  • Document disposal and destruction.
  • Demolition management;
  • Debris disposal;
  • Concrete services;
  • Cardboard recycling;
Sauber Janitorial Services is not licensed by State of California's Contractors State License Board.  As such, it will not perform any work which would cost $500 or more without being a subcontractor to a business which is.

If requested, Sauber will use environmentally sound cleaning products which are safer for people, pets, and our interwoven ecology.  Otherwise, Sauber will simply use the most effective and expedient means at its disposal within legal limits.

Along with our blog on this site, Sauber Janitorial Services maintains Twitter feed, and a Facebook account as part of our Internet marketing campaign.  Please follow our postings online.

Sauber Janitorial Services is headquartered in East Palo Alto and is committed to working with the City of East Palo Alto's David Lewis Community Reentry Program and with Free at Last -- an East Palo Alto non-profit corporation -- when it is prepared to hire human resources so as to help their graduates through the dignity of labor affirm their work skills and offer a solid alternative to reverting to the behaviors which got them into trouble in the first place, and because of which, most employers won't hire them. 
Social justice and good labor practices are hallmarks of DSBE and its ethics.
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David Shaw Bass is currently the Vice President and General Manager of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE.  He can be reached at, or through Sauber's main number at 1 650 771 3486.  
* dba: "Doing Business As."  Sauber Janitorial Services was published as a dba of DSBE in the World Journal to cover San Mateo County (the legal advertisement first ran on a Sunday edition featuring the Shenyang J-15.)   Sauber Janitorial Services was originally published as a dba in the Santa Clara Weekly to cover Santa Clara County as a sole proprietorship of DSBE's founder.
Sauber is a German word meaning "clean."
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