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Roofing Services

Sauber Janitorial offers roofing services through an exclusive partnership with our preferred vendor, Guy's Roofing Company.  This vendor can repair and install almost any kind of roof*, including slate and wood shingle.  As well, they can install or repair solar panels on your roof.

Hya Glyvra Hanusi, Faroe Islands
Roofing Services Department Logo
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Pesa Tupa is intended to become the Manager of the Roofing Services Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE. He is currently an Estimator for Sauber's preferred partner, Guy's Roofing Co. of Redwood City. For all your roofing needs, please contact Pesa directly at 1 650 630 0821 or by email at
* Except for ones like the sod roof shown here.  Local climate and building codes don't support them.
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