Sauber Janitorial Services -
Pipeline Services
GoldfieldsPipeline, Australia
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
The Pipeline Services Department of DSBE's Sauber Janitorial Services Division is in plan if DSBE's intentions for the pipeline transport of desalinated water is realized.  While the corporation would focus on the intellectual property commerce necessary for this, this department would primarily organize the labor and other businesses and agencies to see to their construction, maintenance, and inspection.
There are no known intellectual or labor assets for this work currently in East Palo Alto.  It is hoped by the year this could be realized, more civil engineering talent will live or have offices in East Palo Alto, particularly in association with Stanford's School of Engineering.  Actual construction in the primary target market of Namibia would use Namibian labor and engineering and construction firms to the greatest extent possible, with outside firms, most likely from Europe and the Middle East.  The secondary target market of California would probably not need outside firms, except in intellectual property commerce of others' best practices.
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