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Who has the Remote?
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Sauber Janitorial Services does not currently offer direct pest control services. Instead, we would either provide a reference sale to a preferred partner, or bring them in to handle that part of your maintenance project under our management.
F-18A Hornet in High-G Turn
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
(N.b., the F18A Hornet is not a pest, but it could be preparing to attack one.;^)
David Shaw Bass is intended to become the Manager of the Pest Control Services Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services divison of DSBE.  Until the department is realized, Sauber suggests you consult your Yellow Pages for a nearby exterminator.
Pilot of F-18C Hornet, "Rough Riders" Strike Fighter Squadron
N.b., the F-18 Hornet is the avatar of DSBE's Legal Services division
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Mid-range Plans
In mid-range plans for DSBE, it is intended for this Department to do business as Kiki and Daniel's, which is to operate as an independent business unit, in honor of a friend of DSBE's founder's, Daniel Cross, and the cat he convinced the founder and his second wife Kimi to adopt. Both Daniel and Kiki died of cancer due to exfoliant toxins. Agent Orange dumped from helicopters during the South Vietnamese "Police Action" and weedkiller liberally sprayed around 1142 White Drive, Santa Clara before the founder was evicted, respectively.
Kiki, March 10, 2010, 20+ years old
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An Islamic pet cemetary business is further intended an another department of Sauber Janitorial Services as DSBE's founder radically followed the Qu'ran's instructions as best he could for handling, praying for the soul of, and buring Kiki's mortal remains, a novel service which could appeal to the growing number of American Muslims, particularly its liberally progressive converts and adherents.
Kiki,R.I.P.,  ca. June-July, 2010.
(A prayer for the dead in Arabic atop the departed)
Image (c) 2010 DSBE All Rights Reserved.
This in-plan department would be expected to partner with the Human Society of San Mateo County, Jones Mortuary, and the mortuary staff of masjid an-noor of the MCA so as to be operate according to State, City, and other regulatory guidelines.
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