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Sauber Janitorial Services partners with other businesses to fulfill its customers' requirements when they exceed its abilities and/or when the estimated cost would exceed the non-general contractor invoice limit of $500.00 in accordance with California law.
These vendors are not only selected to help Sauber Janitorial offer a full range of services to its clients, but to help promote businesses and economic development in its hometown of East Palo Alto and to employ the skilled workers who live here so they may provide for their families and community.  The net impact of this is to help reduce the city's unemployment and crime so it may better focus on its growth and to celebrate and foster its uniquely positive qualities.  
Businesses outside of East Palo Alto have been selected because of good business relations and proven results.  They may also have been selected because they employ enough workers from East Palo Alto to merit consideration or because East Palo Alto does not have such businesses.  Preference is further first given to businesses in San Mateo County, starting with Menlo Park, with secondary preference for Santa Clara County, starting with Palo Alto.
This ranking is designed to favor the economic development and tax revenue of East Palo Alto and San Mateo County over all others, in keeping with DSBE's values.
Businesses are expected to abide by the laws and regulations which govern them, and to maintain good labor practices and ethical standards.  The presumption is they do.  Evidence to the contrary will result in their being delisted probationarily or banned from doing business with Sauber and every other division of DSBE.
Most links from this list go to the business' proprietary homepage or to its listing at, by which Sauber Janitorial Services underscores its endorsement.
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