Sauber Janitorial Services -
Lightbulb Recycling
Robot Changing a Lightbulb
With permission of Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias
Lightbulb reclamation services to package and ship your hazardous bulbs (e.g., containing mercury) are in plan as compenent service of Sauber's planned, but not as yet implemented, recycling and repair facility.
Ampoule originale de Thomas Edison
avec filament en Bambou, vers 1880
Image Coutesy of Wikimedia Commons
David Shaw Bass is intended to become the Manager of the Lightbulb Services Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services divison of DSBE.

Until then, Sauber Janitorial Services strongly advises you to properly dispose of your lightbulbs.  Businesses and residents of East Palo Alto should take their used florescent bulbs to The Home Depot of East Palo Alto for proper disposal.
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