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Landscaping Services
From the simple to complex, your property may require landscaping services Sauber can arrange to take care of so your time can be focused on more important matters.
Scottish Parliament
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Sauber Janitorial Services offers direct landscaping services in California, so long as the jobs are within the non-general contractor ceiling of US$ 500.00. For jobs there in excess of US$ 500.00, Sauber would either provide a reference sale to a preferred partner or partners, or bring one of them in to handle the job as its general contractor, with Sauber serving as one of its subcontractors.
Eigen-ji, Rinzai Temple
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David Shaw Bass is currently the the Manager of the Landscaping Services Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE. Martin Mouton of East Palo Alto is intended to replace him. .
Until this is realized, please contact Sauber Janitorial Services for a referral or our four preferred partners: Jose Linares, Julia Powers Landscape Services, and Martin Mouton, all living in and/or working out of East Palo Alto.

Van Gogh, The Diggers, Nov-Dec 1889. 
Oil on paper lined onto canvas, 65.1 x 50.2 cm. 

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