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Chahouly Chandelier, Rotunda Installation
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Sauber Janitorial does not currently repair glass, nor does it plan to for several years.  It recommends its preferred service provider Menlo-Atherton Glass whose owner/operator, Mark Shafron, graduated from M-A the same year as Sauber's founder.
Sauber Janitorial Services works closely with local recylers to assure glass stays off the streets of East Palo Alto and is recast in more constructive ways.
CRV Glass had been refused for at least over two years by the now closed East Palo Alto Recycle Center.DSBE's Market Intelligence division assisted the State of California in helping to effect this.
CRV glass containers, along with plastic and aluminum, have been redeemed for cash by Mi Pueblo Foods of East Palo Alto at their loading dock behind the store Mondays through Fridays from 07:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. since December 21, 2012 because of DSBE's efforts. Their hours of operation should eventually be extended to be in conformance with State regulations.
Glass, along with aluminum and plastic CRV containers should be separated into large (24 oz. or more) and small (less than 24 oz.)
Mi Pueblo pays ten cents for every large (24 oz. or more) CRV container and five cents for every small (less than 24 oz.) one, per CalRecyle's mandates.
Short-term Goals
Short-term goals for Sauber are to organize or invite a new and law abiding recycling business to work in cooperation with Federal, State, County, and City governments to give cash for CRV glass bottles along with other CRV containers and recyclable materials within the East Palo Alto, thereby affording Mi Pueblo a new exemption from CalRecycle so they will no longer have to redeem CRV containers and also to thereby attract customers into our city so they will see other opportunities to spend their discretionary funds on our goods and services. The mid- and long-range plans of Sauber janitorial Services would build upon the foundation of this recycling operation.
Mid-term Goals
Mid-range goals for Sauber are to either found or help orchestrate the establishment of a glass foundry and/or applied materials R & D concern within the city limits to develop green building and energy generation products and processes for the global marketplace.
Glass repair services would be ancillary to these plans.
Long-term Goals
Long-range goals for Sauber include having it and other divisions of DSBE help East Palo Alto's city government and business organizations such as the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club attract artisan glassworkers to the city to encourage it to become a focal point for creative busineses in the San Francisco Peninsula.  Sauber's founder used to patronize Fitzwilson's Glassworks at the Allied Arts Guild in his youth in the 70s, and would like to see similar artisans living in and working out of East Palo Alto.
Such businesses would be in line with what DSBE primarily means by intellectual property -- in contrast to Silicon Valley's primary definition of computer hardware and software -- artistically creative works are also intellectual properties.  
East Palo Alto is well positioned to be a vibrant and productive artisan community as well as a hub for service providers and a nexus for applied engineering R & D, in which DSBE wants to focus on sustainable food & energy technologies for export to its long-term markets of Namibia, Viet Nam, and Norway -- the company's secondary emphasis as an intellectual property and marketing company.
David Shaw Bass of East Palo Alto is the Manager of the Glass Services Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE.
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