Sauber Janitorial Services -
Carpet Cleaning Services
Entry to the San Jose Athletic Club
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Sauber Janitorial can clean exterior as well as interior carpeting, and if need be arrange for your fine carpets to be handled by a preferred partner.
Sauber currently employs an industrial grade penetrating water and vacuuming system with your choice of solvents. If any other method is desired, Sauber would arrange for one of its partners to handle the job under its project management.
Saddle Rug, Entry to Masjid aj-Jameel (Sufi,) Palo Alto
Image (c) 2010, DSBE All Rights Reserved.
Candy Howard of East Palo Alto is intended to become the Manager of the Carpet Cleaning Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE.
Until Sauber's Carpet Cleaning Department is realized, we suggest you directly consult our preferred partners Medallian Rugs of Palo Altofor your loose rugs and XYZ of Menlo Park for your installed ones.
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