Sauber Janitorial Services -
Appliance Recycling and Repair Services
HK Shatin Yu Chui Shopping Centre
Japan Home Centre Appliance Store
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Appliance recycling and repair services are in plan, but not yet implemented. Sauber's goal is to help the City of East Palo Alto organize a comprehensive recycling, refurbishing, and hazardous waste reclamation municipal/industry partnership which would include this service.
Jose Mora of East Palo Alto is intended to become the Manager of the Appliance Recycling and Repair Department of the Sauber Janitorial Services division of DSBE.
Until then, you can reach Jose by contacting Sauber Janitorial Services or finding him at his curbside repair shop parked on Bay Road by the Post Office.
Jose Mora's Curbside Repair Shop on Bay Road
(Business licenses and permits for Mr. Mora have yet TBD.)
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Other preferred vendors for appliance repair include the following.
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