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Sauber Janitorial Services was founded in 2009 in Santa Clara, California as a sole proprietorship in response to its founder's need for a residential move-out service at below market rates yet at industry standards, for purposes of future litigation.
Which is to say, Sauber's founder was being evicted and per contract had to have his apartment professionally cleaned despite the entire unit being gutted and remodeled.  In retailation for the excessive and unjust charges, which compounded the landlord's actions which violated California codes and the rental agreement, he created Sauber Janitorial Services to do the work and bill himself at below market rates.  Then, he was going to sue his landlords...
This beginning may help explain why Sauber continues to work closely with its sibling divisions of  Legal Services to maintain DSBE's business ethics, along with the Market Intelligence division in the service of its clients, country, state, county, and municipal governments.  Injustices outrage Sauber's founder to the point of counterattack and he still runs this division.
Originally organized as an individual proprietorship in Santa Clara, California, Sauber Janitorial Services and its assets were part of the founding equity investment in DSBE and hence its property upon its incorporation in Menlo Park, California in  2010.  After becoming a division of DSBE, Sauber's first customer, and DSBE's first services customer, was a resident of Menlo Commons who wanted a portion of her living room wall and ceiling repainted after another contractor had redone her window curtains.
Sauber Janitorial Services relocated to East Palo Alto, California in 2011, where it remains committed to the long-term alleviation of the city's unemployment and its establishment as a premiere service hub for the San Francisco Peninsula through the organization and sales of labor-intensive services, and to foster it as center for the light-industrial fabrication needs of the city's future R & D concerns and as an artisan's haven.  To this end, Sauber is committed to work with various departments of the City of East Palo Alto and local service businesses to build itself and its partners into effective response teams for our clients' needs.
Sauber is a German word meaning  "clean."
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